• The Federal Ministry for migration and refugees(Externer Link) is responsible for the development of the basics and the educational content of the integration courses.
  • A general integration course takes 660 contact lessons of which 600 are language teaching and 60 are an orientation course.
  • The language teaching is divided into 6 modules (Levels A1 – B1) and ends with a free final examination.
  • The orientation course provides knowledge of the German legal system, culture and recent history and ends with a test.
  • More information at: Bundesamtes für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) 

Who can participate in an integration course?

  • Foreigners living in Germany
  • Recent immigrants who intend long-term residence
  • Ethnic Germans from the successor states of the former Soviet Union and members of their families
  • Spätaussiedler und deren Familienangehörige
  • Germans who do not have a enough Knowledge of the language.


One lesson (45 minutes) costs € 2.29
Each module includes 100 lessons (= € 229 per module / 5 weeks).

Registration / Application

  • The registration takes place after a consultation (a must!) and a placement test. (The consultation and the placement test is free of charge.)
  • The application will be filled out after the consultation and sent to the Federal Office.
  • The admission to the integration course will be mailed 1 to 4 weeks later (regular Mail).

Documents you need:

  • Passport (original))
  • Residence permit
  • Recent registration card (available from any local public office)

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